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Are You Confident That You Work In A Sterile, Bacteria Free Environment?

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

With the current pandemic making such a global impact, expected hygiene standards have changed. Regulations have long been in place, but with the recent public exposure, the knowledge of the general population has evolved. People now have higher expectations in terms of living in an environment that is free of bacteria.

What does this mean for businesses?

In short, employees and customers alike have natural concerns regarding the cleanliness of places they frequent. This could mean public toilets, shops, restaurants, bars, airports and much more.

The bar has been raised...

From a public viewpoint, alcohol gel is prevalent and masks are mandatory in many places. Witnessing teams of experts wearing protective clothing, whilst deep cleaning streets and buildings is commonplace.

Although public awareness has increased dramatically over the last 12 months, in reality, this is just the start of a long learning curve for regular citizens. It is inevitable that we will all need to adapt to permanent changes in hygiene, that will over time become mandatory.

So how do the general public judge cleanliness?

Humans instinctively use their 5 basic senses to make decisions and develop opinions 'touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste' - We turn to the same senses when we subliminally judge if our surroundings meet our personal sanitary standards. These will vary from person to person, but to put this into more context;

  • If you visit a toilet that has a foul odour, you make the assumption that it's unclean - (Smell)

  • When there are marks on the walls of buildings, your perception is that it is dirty. (Sight)

  • If a surface feels sticky it potentially hasn't been cleaned - (Touch)

  • If food tastes different we are automatically concerned about bacteria - (Taste)

  • If we hear the noise of animals or construction work in a food environment we naturally suspect poor kitchen hygiene - (Hearing)

These are survival instincts that work well and have helped us develop a standard. Businesses adhere to regulations to keep people feeling comfortable in whichever environment they provide. But this isn't the business owner's only responsibility. Many of the more dangerous hygiene issues can't be picked up by our 5 basic senses and need further consideration.

What are Hidden hygiene issues?

Without going into an unnecessary biology lesson, many of the sanitary issues that should be the primary focus for businesses to ensure top hygiene levels are invisible to human senses.

You can't see E-coli and Salmonella in food. Lung damaging mould may not be within your sight but hidden away. More importantly, particularly now, viruses like Flu, SARS or Corona should be a top priority. These bacteria can be transmitted by humans, then survive on many surfaces that we come into contact with and can only be detected with specialist equipment.

Minimising the risk of infection

So how do we overcome the issues mentioned above? We clearly need to be proactive in our approach as a reactive measure can only occur after an unwanted, unnecessary incident, right?

We have also established that human senses alone are not sufficient to detect harmful bacteria.

The only way to really be confident that you are providing a fully sterile environment, that won't spread infections, is to seek the advice of experts, who can not only educate but advise and create the relevant solution. Every situation is different and there are several solutions that can be tailored to suit different scenarios.

There are many variants to consider:

  • How often do you need to sanitise?

  • What equipment is required?

  • Do various parts of a business require a different approach?

  • What time do I need to cleanse?

  • Can this be done in opening hours?

  • What is the cost?

  • Can savings be made with a new approach?

  • What are the implications if I get this wrong?

At Clean Air Thailand, we have been providing solutions for Hospitals, Schools, hotels, fitness centres, Offices and much more for over a decade. We are the experts in this field and take pride in visiting our customers and tailoring solutions that can put them at ease. We work tirelessly to design new products that can save businesses money, whilst increasing revenue due to customer satisfaction.

We specialise in:

  • Ozone Generators that control odours and can kill viruses by decontamination

  • UV-C products that are scientifically proven to kill viruses 99.99% of the time.

All of these solutions are highly adaptable, but require a full assessment from one of our experts to advise you correctly.

Over the coming weeks, we will provide more information regarding the individual systems, how they work and demonstrate the benefits to you.

If you are looking for peace of mind and require more information now, you can provide your details on the following link and one of our consultants will contact you for a free assessment.

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