Clean Air (Thailand) Company Limited, based in Bangkok, has been in business since 2007. We design and manufacture Ozone and Ultra Violet equipment specifically to help improve Indoor Air Quality. All our equipment is guaranteed and most fixed-site units have a regular maintenance plan.

We also help management implement stringent cleaning processes that guarantee Surface and Airborne Disinfection.  This service is aimed at hospitals, healthcare centres, schools, kindergartens and the food and beverage industry.

A new addition to our suite of products is mold control.  We have many clients that experience unwanted and unsightly surface mold and fungal problems that we help eradicate.

As you will see from the list of some of our best known clients below, we have a strong reputation within a diverse range of industries, including: offshore gas rigs, embassies, medical, food processing, high-end office premises and retail warehouse storage and logistics.

We also provide equipment and advice to other businesses from warehouses and factories to hospitals and schools.

Our IAQ test service helps building managers understand what is happening in their property. We provide scientific information which can be used to introduce improvement programs, often without the need for extra equipment.

Our English and Thai speaking staff hope to be able to help you improve your Indoor Air Quality.

Clean Air (Thailand) Co., Ltd has an all-British management team responsible for guaranteeing quality control levels which will be acceptable globally.

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