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Indoor Air Quality Testing, plus PM2.5, Bacteria, Mold, Odor & Virus Removal Service

Welcome to Clean Air (Thailand)

Welcome to Clean Air Thailand: indoor environment and ultraviolet UV-C disinfection specialists who offer practical solutions to virus control, environmental problems, and poor air quality that surrounds us. We are dedicated to improving the disinfection of surfaces and airborne virus threats along with improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and making indoor spaces more comfortable to occupy.

Allergies, asthma, foul odors, dirty air, HVAC problems, polluted indoor environments, Sick Building Syndrome, and cross-contamination of staff. These are becoming ever-increasing unwanted elements of our daily lives.

Clean Air Thailand is a specialist in UV-C ultraviolet disinfection and Indoor Air Quality based in Bangkok and operated by British nationals.  It is dedicated to providing high performance UVGI, also known as UV-C, and Ozone equipment to improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in all air-conditioned buildings.

As Thailand's Clean Air experts: We are specialists in the use of UVGI and Ozone for eradicating indoor air pollution and controlling the possible spread of bacteria and viruses, both on surfaces and airborne.  We also perform scientific IAQ tests and provide practical and effective solutions.

What our customers say

“We are very pleased with both the operation of the AntiVIRUS UVC-HVAC equipment and the attention to detail given to us by the Clean Air team”.

Paul Bruce  |  Director of Engineering, Shangri La Hotel, Bangkok

“The AntiVIRUS UVC-HVAC (RoomFresh) system improved air quality dramatically and reduced any negative comments guests may have had.”

Wayne Duberly  |  General Manager, Centara Seaview Resort, Khao Lak

Some of our valued customers
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