Below is a listing of our current product range.  We are working towards producing individual documents for each product as quickly as we can.  If one of the links opens our generic brochure - and you wish to know more - please contact us directly and we will respond to specific requests as soon as we can.

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CoilClean Air Handling Unit

Installed inside the large HVAC air handling unit the CoilClean UVGI system works 24/7 to keep the surface of the evaporator coil free of mold, biofilm and all other potentially harmful pathogens and contaminants.

Ultra Violet Floor Sanitisers

UV Floor Sanitising Units are essential tools in the fight against Hospital Acquired Infections.  We manufacture two sizes; Medium and Large to cater for large rooms such as operating theatres and for use in smaller settings such as patient rooms, laboratories etc.

RoomFresh UVGI System for Smaller Fan Coil Units

Ideal for patient rooms and any setting that receives its air conditioning via a fan coil unit, such as patient rooms.  Hidden away behind the supply grill the RoomFresh UVGI system helps decontaminate the air and eradicate unwanted odours.

HoodClean Commercial Kitchen Hood UV Filtration System

The HoodClean UV Filtration System removes the requirement to spend time, money and effort to clean the hood of any commercial kitchen.  Safe for use while cooking staff are working the mixture of UV-C and Ozone works efficiently to eradicate grease and oil deposits.

UV Ozone Odour Control Systems

Ozone has its particular uses in very well defined areas.  We design and install low powered equipment that can be used in occupied spaces, such as bathrooms and locker rooms and also manufacture high powered systems capable of totally disinfecting a setting.

Philips Tubes & Ballasts

In addition to designing and manufacturing UVGI systems our clients can also purchase Philips tubes and ballasts for their own air or water purification purposes.

All tubes and other electronic equipment is quality checked in-house before shipping.

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As designers and manufacturers of the all systems shown in this website (under British management) we desire domestic and international distributors in all regions.

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